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Join the XcitED crew!

Get awesome experience, life-long connections, and life-changing insights (also, epic partying!

What will we get?

Extremely valuable help in organizing the event

Peace of mind, knowing we can concentrate on running the event while knowing that our guests are happy and taken care of

Getting to know you, guys, your talents, ideas, vision, and future possibilities!

xcited f2.png
What will you get?

Lifechanging experience organizing the most exciting Edtech event. Ever.

xcited f4.png

Access to an extremely valuable network of companies, investors and game-changers.

You might find your new life direction, a life-long friend or your next job during the event!

Experience, connections, life-changing insights that are worth so much more than money*. 

*that, let’s be honest, you’d blow during the next month.

XcitED as we are?
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